My name is Haly Lai, Haly for short, or you can call me Ly (pronounced Lee) too. I was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. Now working and living in Wellington, NZ.

In 2007, I came to New Zealand for the first time, went to Wellington Girls' College for 2 years and then did 3 years of Graphic Design and Digital Media at Natcoll Design School (now YooBee).


​I've been in love with art and painting since I was a little child. So it has been amazing for me to be able to follow my passion and to chase my dreams. There's still a very long way to go and a lot for me to achieve, but I'm working hard and enjoy each and every minute of this Artventure. I really am grateful for everything.

As an Artist and Graphic Designer, I offer design & illustration work as well as custom painting & drawing. My main subjects are lettering, florals and foliage. I enjoy working with watercolour, pen brushes, ink on paper, and chalkboards.

I'm now a mumma to little Oli and along with my husband Neo, we are Haly Design. 

I'm available for new freelance opportunities and really looking forward to working with you.

Thank you for your support!



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